Derek Holzer (1972) is an American sound artist living in Berlin, whose current interests include DIY analog electronics, sound art, field recording and the meeting points of electroacoustic, noise, improv and heavy metal music. He has played live experimental sound as Macumbista or Derek Holzer—as well as taught workshops in Pure Data and electronics—across Europe, North America, Brazil and New Zealand. He has released tracks under the Nexsound, Sirr, and/OAR, Mandorla, Frozen Elephants Music and Gruenrekorder labels, and has co-initiated several internet projects for field recording and collaborative soundscapes including “One of the central concepts of my work is that every object and space around us is a recorder. Each one has collected the resonances of its surroundings for as long as it has existed. You could call it an acoustic version of particle physics or genetics, because the idea remains the same–in the smallest details you will find a representation of the greater whole. My task as a sound artist is often just to listen, and to listen very closely, to the histories hidden inside our everyday world.”
Holzer has performed live, improvised electronic music in many venues and festivals in Europe, the US and Brasil including FILE (Sao Paulo, BR), WRO (Wroclaw, PL), Netherlands Film Festival (Utrecht, NL), Garage (Stralsund, DE), Videomedeja (Novi Sad, SCG), BEK (Bergen, NO), Transmediale (Berlin, DE), RAM6 (Vilnius, LT), Arts +Communication (Riga, LV), (Novi Sad, SCG), Earational Festival (S’Hertogenbosch, NL), Medienturm (Graz, AT), Kunstraum (Innsbruck, AT), Art Museum of Nantes (Nantes, FR), Montevideo (Amsterdam, NL), Kraakgeluiden (Amsterdam, NL), Denver University (Denver, USA) and others. Derek Holzer was supported during 2005–7 by Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten Vormgeving en Bouwkunst (Fonds BKVB) of The Netherlands.

Derek Holzer from Elektronen Toto on Vimeo.

DIANA COMBO aka EOSIN / portugal

EOSIN started to work with deformed vinyl records trying to overcome the frustration of having an object that is not usable in a conventional way, letting the errors printed on the surface sound and join what is already recorded. In this way she creates different layers that combine into a new composition that changes the audiences perception about the music they are familiar with. Sometimes she tres to control the error, hiding it and sometimes she just manage to create a result that sounds like there is some kind of error, when there is none.This process involves the use of old and deformed records or old/new records she has or buys. She cuts and joins different pieces, burns or adds pieces of tape onto the surface to create patterns that superimpose themselves on the sounds that play.

DIANA COMBO aka. EOSIN from Elektronen Toto on Vimeo.

JUSTICE YELDAM / australia

What’s been described as “a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe” is the unique work of Justice Yeldham who has an obsession with using sheets of broken glass as his musical instrument. Amplifying the sheets using a high end transducer designed for grand pianos, he presses his face against the surface whist employing various vocal techniques ranging from throat singing to raspberries.

JUSTICE YELDHAM @ tiny noise Cologne from Elektronen Toto on Vimeo.

RaumZeitPiraten / germany (cologne/dusseldorff)

The “RaumZeitPiraten” were founded in 2007 by Tobias Daemgen and Moritz Ellerich with an Overheadprojector and a little pink Toypiano. Within their intermedial realtimestudies and media-lab-situations the RaumZeitPiraten explore the artificial generation of multidimensionalities and possibilities of its perception, structuring and intermediation. Beside traditional, digital sound and image generators they increasingly use analog, optic/acoustic self-constructions like the Haptonium and the Brummsel or complex apparat modifications like the MultiDimensionsProjektor and the Lightparasites. Their activities areaimed at playful, experimental connections of sound, image, object, space, time and music to an alternately self-expanding multimedia-performance-surround-spaceshiplaboratory-travel to somewhere between science and fiction.

RaumZeitPiraten @Tiny Noise Cologne from Elektronen Toto on Vimeo.

Robert Kondorosi / de

born 1980 in Schwerin, Germany
1999–2006 Industrial Design at UdK Berlin (focus on Interface Design & Musical Instrument Design)
since 2000 Freelance Sound Designer & Composer/Producer
since 2005 Brainchild of Berlin based band BudZillus (performing with selfmade instruments)
since 2006 Freelance Interface Designer & Sound Engineer

RYBn / france
Jean-Marie Boyer + Kevin Bartoli
RYbN is a multi-field artistic collective based in Paris / Berlin (2000) and specialized in interactive & networked installations, performances and interfaces, by refering as well to the codified systems of the artistic representation (painting, architecture, counter-cultures) as to the human and physic phenomenas (geopolitics, socioeconomy,
sensory perception, cognitive systems). Their axe of research : the construction of a “convergence semantics”, through the coupling, the diversion and the perversion of writing and formalization tools connected to communication, information and sensory technologies – networks, data flows, smell, surveillance, audiovisual, interaction, real time.

Tina Tonagel / de

Tina Tonagel is a visual artist from Cologne specialising in kinetic and mechanical sculptural works. She’s also the initiator of the overhead-based festival and workshop-outfit “Kunst und Musik mit dem Tageslichtprojektor” with Christian Faubel, Cordula Körber and Ralf Schreiber