(fat) chance operations: the selection 2010

Thankyou for your submissions!

The selection from the open call for video art will screened on Aug.7th on the grounds of the Open Source Festival in Düsseldorf.

Only later do you know the side that you were on | video 3’40 (2010)

by Chris Meighan (uk (scotland)/nl)

In 1844, Charles Sturt set off with a company of men into the Australian interior. Along with him he brought a boat, hoping to sail it on the great “inland sea” at the centre of the continent, the existence of which he was completely certain of.

a knife all blade | video 1’57 (2008)

by Gabriel Menotti (br/uk)

This video was produced out of darkness, without any kind of subject but the camera itself. The lens was covered so that no light could reach the cmos sensor. What you are seeing is the feeble attempt of the compression algorithm to make images out of nothing.


In den Seilen hängen (On the Ropes) | HD video 3’40 (2010)

by Carolina Redondo (cl/de)

Der Körper ist schwer, mühvoll reibt sich der Organismus über Seile, die ihn tragen, ihn hin und her gleiten lassen. Lebenslinien aus Stoff, schlaff und stramm zugleich. Weiß auf Weiß – monochromes Rauschen am Rande des Abgrunds.

performance with fire-cracker-box at Arzenal Depo K2, Ljubljana | video 2’28 (2009)

by son:DA (si)

son:DA belongs to that area of art characterised by linking of various technologies and media. son:DA is active in the fields of space installations, computer drawings, audio-video performances and different gallery projects.


missing looking 1: Taubach| HD video 2’43 (2010)
by Kyd Campbell (ca/de)

“missing looking 1: taubach” is a work including macro perspective HD video recorded outdoors, short audio-feedback sounds and flickering black spaces. The video uses a single image sequence, cut intuitively, without a linear narrative. It is an exploration towards expressing sensory gaps which occur when one moves in perception between the spaces of micro and macro.

Ich werde erwartet | video 1’20 (2008)

by Hans Diernberger (de/uk)

In this video I am filming myself while trying to put on lipstick during a ride on a high-speed rollercoaster, but I only succeed in part. I am almost apathetic while riding the loops and my sad eyes revealing this cannot make me happy.

OVO | video 3’40 (2010)

by João Ricardo (pt)

This film is about the saga of an egg trying to cross a road.
Note: no stunts, just one egg (and it was ruined)

http://ocp.pt.vu http://pygar.pt.vu

videoborder | animation 0’21 (2006/2010)

by Osvaldo Cibils (uy/it)

osvaldo cibils 1961 dibujante visual and sound creator artist since soooo many errors. born in Montevideo, Uruguay. he lives in Rovereto, Italy.

SIPIS | video 2’43

by Albert Negredo (es)

Images depicting an oral fixation in action; sucking, licking, spitting, sucking.

Four Dimensions of a Shoe | video 1’50 (2006)

by Motorisiertes Gespenst (de)

How to translate space from a remote control into orientation?

Emergency | video 00’30

by Chiachia Chang (tw/fr)

CHANG Chiachia was born in 1984 in Kaohsiung, TAIWAN and now lives and works in paris. His work focuses on portraits and the exploration of different techniques.

I can’t believe it’s not art | HD video 1’26

by Richard Jochum (at/usa)

I can’t believe it’s not art is a short video in which a performer is picking petals from a daisy referencing to the old childhood game: She loves me, she loves me not. By expanding the popular diversion into the field of the arts, the video adds humor to an often dreadfully serious debate about whether a certain object, image or artifact is art or not. The outcome is based on an understanding of art as a process rather than a product, a social construction rather than an isolated entity by itself.


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