TINY NOISE WEEKEND in Köln und Moers

Ein Wochenende Workshops und Konzerte aus dem Bereich experimenteller Audioart und Noise-Music:

Tiny Noise Cologne

Am Donnerstag, den 15.Okober, um 20 Uhr wird das tiny noise Wochenende mit einem Konzertabend in Köln eröffnet, der eine breite Palette an aktuellen Strömungen der internationalen Noise und Soundart-Szene präsentiert. An diesem Abend hört man nicht nur subtile bis krachige Computerklänge, sondern auch knirschendes Glas, das zwischen den Zähnen von Justice Yeldam (Australien) zerbirst, rasende Klangräder (Derek Holzer), zusammengeflickte Schallplatten (EOSIN, Portugal), gestochen scharfe Visuals in Schwarz-Weiss (RYBn, Frankreich) und self-expanding-multimedia-performance-surround-spaceship-laboratory-travel-between-science-and-fiction (RaumZeitPiraten, Deutschland).

Ab Samstag, den 17. um 14 Uhr kann man dann das alles und noch viel mehr auch für 22 Stunden beim Moerser tiny noise camp ausprobieren, Hard- und Softwares kennenlernen, Noise-Maschinen bauen und alle Materialien, sich selbst und die Anlage an die Grenzen treiben. Circuit Bending, Pure-Data-basierte Klangarbeiten, selbstgebaute Instrumente, Sound-Video-Clashes oder Post-Industrial-Elektronik mit Künstlern aus den U.S.A, Australien, Portugal, Frankreich sowie dem Rhein/Ruhr-Gebiet. Das Netzwerk Improvisierte Musik Moers lädt Nerds, Noiseheads und Neugierige zu einem tiny noise camp im Stile einer „convention“ ein, wie man sie aus dem Spielbereich kennt.

The network´s net works! Für die beiden tiny noise events in Köln und Moers arbeiten nicht nur die nomadische Soundart-Plattform tiny noise, ZAM Zentrum für Aktuelle Musik Köln und Elektronentoto (Annie Buenker & Therese Schuleit) zusammen, sondern es kommt auch zur ersten echten Kooperation der Netzwerke ON Neue Musik Köln und nimm! Netzwerk Improvisierte Musik Moers.

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TINY NOISE COLOGNE from Elektronen Toto on Vimeo.


TINY NOISE WEEKEND in Cologne and Moers

ON New Music in Cologne, ZAM + nimm! in Moers as well as the international sound art platform TINY NOISE present a mini-festival called TINY NOISE CAMP. This is a collaboration between independent curators Kyd Campbell[tiny noise], Thomas Glaesser[ZAM, Koln], Therese Schuleit[Koln], annie Buenker[Koln] and Boris Graue[Bollwerk107, Moers]

Thursday 15 October, 20:00 TINY NOISE [performances] @ KunstWerk, Deutz-Mülheim Straße 127 – 129, Cologne
Saturday 17 October, from 14:00 and until 12:00, Sunday 18 October TINY NOISE CAMP [open workshops + performances] @ Bollwerk 107, Moers

entrance: 5e gets you a pass for one or both events.

TINY NOISE and our friends are happy to present a whole weekend full of workshops and concerts, geared at sharing and enjoying excellent art practices in the field of  experimental audio art and noise music!

We do this because noise makes us feel so much better!

Since 2005 TINY NOISE has been bringing together audio artists from all over the world in specific local contexts where there is a desire to strengthen the local sound and noise art scenes. For over a year we have been researching and preparing with our friends in Cologne and Moers to design a special event that the local community can enjoy and grow from.

So please join us and bring your friends during this weekend of event. Think of it as a kind of festive ‘noise science fair’ and camp-out. In Cologne, visitors can relax and enjoy the show and in Moers visitors will become participants, having the opportunity to join the artists in creating new instruments, watch and take part in performances, hang out all night in the work space and join us the next morning for a brunch discussion.

[ full program and artists info : Artist Info ]
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Thursday, Oct. 15th, 20h [ @ KunstWerk, Deutz-Mülheim Straße 127 – 129, Cologne ]

tiny noise weekend begins with a concert evening in Cologne, including a wide range of current practices in noise and sound art. During this evening, you can expect, among other noisy things, breaking glass and maybe some blood (Justice Yeldham), spinning tone wheels (Derek Holzer), new sound from reconstructed records (EOSIN), sharp blacks and whites (RYBn) and pretty much everything you ever wanted to hack at school but weren’t allowed to (RaumZeitPiraten).

– Lucas Abela, a.k.a. Justice Yeldham (australia)
– Diana Combo a.k.a. EOSIN (portugal)
– Derek Holzer/TONEWHEELS(usa/germany)
– FrlLinientreu (germany)
– RYBn (france)
– RaumZeitPiraten (germany)
– Tina Tonagel (germany)
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Saturday, Oct. 17th 14:00 [ @ Bollwerk 107, Moers (right beside the Moers train station) ]

22 hour NOISE CAMP (Saturday 14:00 -> Sunday noon)
The Netzwerk Improvisierte Musik Moers, the artists and all of the collaborating organizers invite musicians, music lovers, nerds, noise makers and everyone curious to this TINY NOISE CAMP gathering.

During this Noise Camp, each artist will have a workshop setup and visitors are welcome to join in and learn new techniques. In the large open space of the Bollwerk, a giant collective laboratory will take place, lasting all night long, with intermittent performances, complete with comfortable places to relax and a brunch discussion the next morning. Visitors can try out experimental hardware and software tactics, meet the artists, help to build noise machines and installations and should also find some space to share their own knowledge with other interested people. Circuit Bending, Pure-Data, free Software Based systems, homemade instruments, analog and concrete music techniques and exciting visual tactics will clash with Post-Industrial Electronics brought forward by artists from the Australia, Portugal, France, USA, and the German Rhine / Ruhr area.

– Lucas Abela, a.k.a. Justice Yeldham (australia)
– Diana Combo a.k.a. EOSIN (portugal)
– Derek Holzer/TONEWHEELS(usa/germany)
– FrlLinientreu (germany)
– RYBn (france)
– Saal5 (germany)
– RaumZeitPiraten (germany)
– Tina Tonagel (germany)
– Robert Kondorosi (germany)

As it is our ultimate goal to gather people together, because we truly feel that noise makes us feel better, TINY NOISE is also very happy and proud because this is the first collaboration between so many different experimental sound related groups in the Rhine / Ruhr region, including ZAM Zentrum für Aktuelle Musik (Köln), Elektronentoto(Köln), Bollwerk107(Moers), Kooperation der Netzwerke ON Neue Musik(Köln) and nimm! Netzwerk Improvisierte Musik Moers. Thanks to all the kind supporters from this region, we are now able to bring together some artists we work with often and some new artists from the region that we have just met. We’re looking forward to meeting you there also!

Full program  and artists details at: www.tinynoise.tk