Kunstwerte von arte-e-parte

An artistic intervention, designed in interaction with Stadtrevue, developed May/November 2020 – published December 2020/January 2021.
The determination of art values is a multidimensional and not a simple matter. This fact affects the acceptance of art in society and the social understanding of artistic work, and thus has consequences for the economic situation as well as for the psychological condition of artists.

In order to be able to present the value of art and that of concrete artistic work in variable composition, and also to visualize the determination of individual art values, arte e parte has invited artistic positions to co-produce ART VALUES.

The intervention foresees: arte e parte places an ad 1/1 for the presentation of KUNSTWERTE in Stadtrevue 12/2020. In the following month, arte e parte provides the designed content for a 16-page insert under the title KUNSTWERTE to the editorial staff of Stadtrevue. The intervention integrates 12 different artistic positions, each occupying a single or double page. The page is mainly conceived like a picture accompanied by a technical signature – the picture area stands for the art, the text area refers to the value, the composition of the two elements determines a concrete art value.

The task for the invited artists to comment on (one of their created) art values is set anew for each artistic contribution, i.e. the contributions will function semantically quite differently.

KUNSTWERTE is co-financed with funds from the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Other contributors are 17-3-17 Verein der Förderer des Austauschs deutscher und syrischer Kultur e.V., Bäckerei Wiensand Stadtrevue- das Monatsmagazin für Köln.

Special thanks to Jabbar Abdullah, archaeologist, author and curator. Jabbar Abdullah is the author of the book Raqqa am Rhein, Sujet Verlag 2020.

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